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Craniosacral Classes

Introduction to Biodynamic Cranial Practice

NCBTMB CEU Hours: Taught as half day (5 CEUs) or full day (8 CEUs) class
Instructor: Mary Ellen Moore
Prerequisites: None
Cost: Varies by class length

Class Description

These classes are a basic introduction to accessing, identifying, and navigating the cranial wave and yourself. Even if you are already in touch with the cranial wave, this class will introduce you to a way of practicing cranial work, or any work, in a biodynamic, non-efferent (non-intrusive) way. Therapists, practitioners and lay people are welcome. These classes are instructional and experiential and include:

  • Sitting in Stillness (Meditation)
  • A Short History of Cranial Practice
  • The Three Primary Cranial Practice Theories
  • Craniosacral Contacts
  • Accessing the Cranial Wave
  • Practical Table Exchanges
  • Group Sharing of Experiences

Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Touch 

“The Initiatory Course”

Instructors: Mary Ellen Moore and Mimi Tagher
Prerequisites: None

Class Description

This class is for health practitioners, therapists, bodyworkers, teachers, cranial practitioners and lay people who wish to begin or further develop an understanding of the healing power of touch and intention through the practice of noninvasive touch.

We will create a healing space using meditation; explore heart awareness, and what it means to be in tonal match to the one we are touching. This leads to powerful encounters with The Breath of Life (according to biodynamics, the power that forms and heals the body). This course is designed so you can gently immerse yourself in and develop a living, intimate touch that connects you and your client to the Breath of Life, without applying any outside force or intention. This class is instructional and experiential and includes:

  • Stillness (Meditation)
  • The enfoldments of Biodynamic Cranial Work…
    • Cranial wave
    • Fluid tide
    • Long tide
    • Dynamic Stillness
  • Midline awareness and presence
  • Listening with the heart
  • Learning non-efferent touch (with a non-doing, neutral disposition)
  • Tonal match (as movement and stillness)
  • Learning about neutral (intellectually as a body-felt sense)
  • Learning to stay in tonal match with Primary Respiration…The Breath of Life
  • Learning to dialogue with craniosacral and biodynamic language

This class is a requirement for the year long advanced mentorship program, based on the work and writings of Charles Ridley, author of Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and The Evolution of Consciousness.

You may take this class without a commitment to take the mentoring.

The Mentor Training 

The Body As Consciousness: Stillness, Presence, and Touch

Instructors: Mary Ellen Moore and Mimi Tagher
Prerequisites: The Bridging Course (4 day) or The Initiatory Course (3 day)

Class Description

The Mentor Training is an advanced series of 4 four-day workshops scheduled throughout the year.  This program is designed to explore how direct contact with the Breath of Life evolves your consciousness, and develops your therapeutic, bodywork and relationship skills by abiding in the Presence that creates and maintains life.

We will explore how to directly contact the Breath of Life, as a body-felt sense awareness, which informs and evolves your consciousness.  Emphasis is on cultivation and development of neutral, and the non-dual nature of the evolving ascending and descending currents of life.  We access this through the various modalities of touch, presence, listening, movement, and hands-on contacts. The Mentor Training is open to practitioners, teachers, and students of bodywork, yoga, or therapy or anyone who has a heartfelt desire to learn and live a mindful, non-dual life in contact with the Breath of Life.

We use meditation, hands-on contacts, and sharing to access and navigate the one unifying field of life, biodynamics, and our place within it all.  This program and tuition includes a one on one session with a mentor program teacher immediately before or after each 4 day workshop. 

You may read more at or contact us to sign up.