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Craniosacral work is a gentle hands on technique that enhances the function of every system in the body. It has a subtle, positive impact on the systems that connect body, mind, and heart, as it works at the meeting place of energy flow and physical structure.



What is Craniosacral?

Craniosacral uses the wave-like motion of the spinal fluid to detect and facilitate the release of restrictions in the body tissues wherever they may occur. At SYNERGY we practice and teach Biodynamic Craniosacral. We are an approved provider for Continuing Education Units for Biodynamic Craniosacral through the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork).

“I have been enjoying Craniosacral work with Mary Ellen once a month for years at Synergy. The stage is set with meaningful conversation.  She is so in touch with the energy of our work, and as we drop into dynamic stillness, I feel as though I am journeying home. I receive healing and growth from these experiences, and would recommend the work to anyone seeking inner, heartfelt work.” ~D.W.

What is the Cranial Pulse?

Based on the clinical experience of thousands of osteopathic physicians, naturopaths, and bodyworkers over the last 50 years, the craniosacral pulsation is the organizing force behind the function of our nervous system. Therefore, anything that disrupts the harmonious flow of the craniosacral pulse has the potential to affect the functioning of the body.

What Inhibits your Craniosacral Function?

Nutritional deficiency, toxic exposure, prolonged stress, traumatic incidents (accidents, childhood trauma, parental abandonment or over control, abuse, death of loved ones, divorce, moving a home, fearful threat) and brain injury can inhibit craniosacral function. All of these have the capacity to create permanent impressions upon the nervous system. 

Even your cultural environment can contribute to feeling the effects of sympathetic hyper-arousal—or feeling “stressed out.” The speed with which an automobile travels, the number of images flashing on the TV or computer screen, the constant invisible barrage of electrical and magnetic signals from cell phones and wireless internet, our over-consumption of caffeinated drinks and alcohol, operating exclusively from the brain rather than the heart field, all contribute to the “hurry, worry, overwork” compulsive pressure of our cultural context. 

Some of the Signs of Craniosacral Dysfunction

Headaches, low grade anxiety, the vague feeling that “something’s wrong” or “missing,” low energy, sleep disturbances, recurring colds, rashes, low grade infections, lack of metal clarity, dizziness upon standing or positional change (one sign of adrenal stress), digestive difficulties, depression, TMJ, mysterious body pains, generalized muscle tension, inability to relax, irritibility, low tolerance for intensity, a compulsion to always be on the go, inability to be alone, or to be still. 

Embodiment Responses

Ego naturally resists encountering the Breath of Life because it places you in direct bodily contact with wholeness, or non-separation.

You may notice right after the session how calm, centered, embodied, and how deeply connected you feel to your real Self. However, this feels threatening to the personality structure, so subtle stories may arise from your thinking mind that, if you are not mindful of ego’s strategy, will distract you from the felt-sense remembrance of this direct contact with your Self. 

Furthermore, you may experience intensified feelings that have long been repressed – anger, grief, fear, self-loathing, insufficiency, and so on.

In this case, “bad news is the good” because these repressed energies are being liberated by the Breath of Life. Yet it is often not comfortable to encounter these aspects of yourself. If you need support in this, please ask your practitioner to assist you in discerning if this is a natural response on behalf of the ego when it directly contacts wholeness. Non-separation is the very opposite of what ego “thinks” its job is. Namely, ego maintains a separate sense of self, so wholeness can frighten us. It may also behoove you to receive council from a body centered therapist.


First Session (90 minutes) $110

Please let us know if you’re familiar with cranial work, and you are simply scheduling for the healing effects of the cranial work and not a discussion of symptoms. In that case we are happy to schedule your initial visit as a one hour $80 session.

Regular/pre-scheduled sessions may qualify you for substantially lower prices. Ask your practitioner about this option after your first visit and assessment.

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