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Hypnotherapy is based on the belief that the body and mind are part of one whole intelligent, integrated system. Within this system are our keys to health, happiness, wisdom, and change. Hypnosis can guide you to your subconscious mind to find and use those keys.



What is Hypnosis?

This therapeutic technique results in a state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility. In this deeply focused state, you become especially responsive to an idea or image. The hypnotherapist then relays the information and you create the images in your mind, directly suggesting to your unconscious mind (part of your mind that is directly responsible for your emotions and behavior) the changes you wish to make.  Hypnosis may be used to change habits, behaviors, and beliefs.  It is actually a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

What is Hypnotherapy?

“Mary Ellen has a profound gift for creating a safe, loving and open space, and with her skills guides her clients towards healing.” ~ NPM

Using the techniques of dialogue, relaxation, directed imaging, and verbal guidance, a skilled hypnotherapist can help you discover your keys and unlock the healing and life-enhancing parts of who you are. Hypnotherapy can help you change unwanted habits and patterns. It can help you create stronger internal support for health, wholeness, a healthy lifestyle, and lasting wellness. Through hypnotherapy, new pathways can be found to your own subconscious resources…letting you move toward and reach your greatest health and full potential.

Hypnotherapy sessions often involve client sharing and dialogue with the practitioner. Charges for session times reflect the hypnosis work, the client sharing time, and the dialogue. You may schedule as much time as you feel you will need to share or review your pertinent information. Standard sessions are one hour (which includes your update, hypnosis, and check in before leaving).

What is the difference in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Rather than merely controlling symptoms, which Hypnosis is designed to do; Hypnotherapy asks the question “why?”.  Why are you having these symptoms?  What other issues are related?  Has your history created a pattern or belief that is causing this problem?  It is a more comprehensive session with Hypnosis as the method of treatment.


  • First session 75 to 90 minutes $110
  • Follow Up sessions (60 and 90 minute sessions available) $80/hr

Regular/pre-scheduled sessions may qualify you for substantially lower prices. Ask your practitioner about this option after your first visit and assessment.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner at Synergy

Mary Ellen Moore, CCHt, VCSW, BCT

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