Synergy is a Total Health Enhancement Center...
A Place for Wellness, Healing, Education, and Self-Discovery


Insertion of very fine needles to influence the physiological and psychological functions of the body


Massage can benefit many types of neck and back pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, and tension


A gentle hands on technique that enhances the function of every system in your body

Whole Food Nutrition

“Let thy food be thy medicine.” We’ll show you how with Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)


Using your subconscious mind to find to promote health, happiness, wisdom, and change


Opening internal doors to new possibilities to facilitate change, transformation, and empowerment

Time Line Therapy

Making changes in your unconscious mind that manifest out into your conscious mind and behavior

Core Transformation

Helping you to heal yourself and develop as a human being – emotionally, physically, and spiritually

Chinese Herbs

Herbal therapy that uses plants and plant extracts internally and externally to treat disease


An ancient form of Chinese medicine that uses suction from cups to stimulate blood flow

Chiropractic Care

A manual therapy that often
includes spinal adjustments
and soft tissue massage


Shifting the mind from mindless to mindful for better mind-body communication, health, and well-being

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