What is Meditation?

Meditation traditions and practices are as ancient as time itself, and as modern as the latest scientific techniques. We now know, for example, which areas of the brain respond to different types of meditation and how the brain and body are affected by meditation. All results so far indicate meditation is one of the best ways to improve your health, well-being and happiness. Veterans and trauma survivors are now using simple meditation practices to heal recent and long-standing PTSD. There’s really no reason not to give yourself an experience of peace and calm.

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“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

We at Synergy have been teaching meditation since before our Synergy doors opened. We started years ago in public libraries, schools, corporations, and with wellness support groups. We have found meditation to be the cornerstone of several of our holistic practices.

Mindfulness is one of the most basic elements of our work with clients and each other. Please join us in a class. Whether you are experienced with practicing meditation or simply want to begin your journey, you are welcome in our classes and private sessions at Synergy.

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Why Meditate?

Here are scientifically-validated reasons you might want to find a meditation style or technique that works for you…

It boosts your health, increases immune function, positive emotions, happiness, social connection and emotional intelligence, increases grey matter and brain volume in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotions & self-control. Cortical thickness increases in areas related to paying attention. It makes you more compassionate, makes you feel less lonely, boosts self-control, improves your ability to regulate your emotions, be introspective, quiet your mind, focus and pay attention, and practice self-control. It improves your memory, productivity, ability to multi-task, be creative and think outside the box. It makes you more compassionate.

Meditation has been proven to decrease pain, inflammation at the cellular level, depression, anxiety, and stress. Research suggests the more you meditate the more you seem to benefit.

“It gives you perspective: By observing your mind, your emotions and your feelings, you realize you don’t have to be slave to them. You realize they throw tantrums, get grumpy, jealous, happy and sad but none of that has to run you. Meditation is quite simply mental hygiene: clear out the junk, tune your talents, and get in touch with yourself. Think about it, you shower every day and clean your body, but have you ever showered your mind? As a consequence, you’ll feel more clear and see things with greater perspective. ‘The quality of our life depends on the quality of our mind,’ writes Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We can’t control what happens on the outside but we do have a say over the quality of our mind. No matter what’s going on, if your mind is ok, everything is ok. Right now.”  – Emma Seppalla, PhD

Meditation Myths… and Facts

Meditating is having an empty mind.
Fact:  When you start you will spend much or most of your time noticing just how many thoughts you have. Meditation and Mindfulness are learning not to follow those thoughts.

Meditation is sitting on the floor, in lotus position (legs crossed).
Fact:  Meditation requires no one specific position.  Certain postures may, in time, help you relax or go “deeper”.

Meditation is sitting still for 30 – 60 minutes.
Fact:  You can meditate or be Mindful while walking or eating or doing anything.

Meditation is a religion.
Fact:  Meditation is about being still and simply allowing.

I can’t meditate.
Fact:  What you are doing IS beginning meditation for you.

I can’t clear my mind.
Fact:  Rather than focus on clearing your mind, focus on something else and try simply not judging yourself for whatever you think and feel.

I tried and it didn’t work.
Fact:  Each person gets to find their way, their time of day, their style.  If you are truly interested and have a good teacher you will find what works for you, and receive all of the benefits that go with meditation.

Midline Meditation

Midline Meditation has it’s roots in Biodynamic Cranial Touch. It is the founding principle and practice of stillness that allows a practitioner to listen to the Breath of Life speak to and through each person, whether in a cranial session or in a business meeting the same principles and practices apply. It is a simple combination of direct and non-direct meditation that will lead you to Mindfulness without all of the stress of doing, right, and wrong. We have developed a simple and even easy way for you to find and access the stillness and safety that has always been a part of you. You never need to ignore, or numb, or leave yourself again. You don’t need to be bored or afraid. There is an amazing world waiting for you as you learn to center yourself – within yourself.

There is an entire website devoted to Midline Meditation…

“At any moment you have a choice that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“I Don’t Have Time”

If you have time to read an article about meditation all the way through, you have time to meditate. Think of all those minutes you waste every day on the internet or otherwise. You can definitely fit in 20 minutes here or there to give your life a boost! Gandhi is quoted as saying “I’m so busy today, that… I’m going to meditate 2 hours instead of 1.”

Meditation Practitioner

Mary Ellen Moore, CCHt, VCSW, BCT

Mary Ellen is co-founder of Synergy Holistic Health Center. She is a graduate (B.A.) of the University of Florida. After graduation Mary Ellen built a successful career in management, business design and development, consulting, corporate training, and sales. In 1991 she began shifting her attention to holistic medicine and healing arts. She has a passion for sharing the transmissions of the Breath of Life along with guiding clients and students through processes designed for mental, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs. >> Learn More

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