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Biodynamic Craniosacral

What is Biodynamic Cranial Touch?

This biodynamic motion of health that never stops. After you are born, primary respiration emanating from the heart field, continues to maintain our human form, including all the bodily functions, and health. It is the foundation for our perceptual integrity; and is the power that propels our consciousness toward realization of utter bodily union with The Love – throughout the rest of life.
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In a session, a certified practitioner of Biodynamic Cranial Touch is trained to let the motion of primary respiration direct the sequence of the session. For our practitioners, this means resting in oneself with free attention, and thus not tracking inside the client for inertial motion patterns, and especially not naming the processes during the session. Our practitioners apply no techniques, or outside forces of any kind to cranial lesions, body tissues, or tides – as Dr. Sutherland instructed.

In Biodynamic Cranial Touch, a practitioner earnestly heeds Dr. Sutherland’s guidance: “trust the Tide,” leaving it completely free to heal from within. Dr. Sutherland ardently asked biodynamic practitioners to allow physiologic function from “within” to manifest its own “unerring potency” rather than to “apply blind force” from without, and in our practice we strictly abide by his injunction.

How to prepare for a Biodynamic Cranial Touch session

Come in rested, available, and prepared to drop into the stillness within your inner body core. The session is about reconnecting deeply with your Source – your heart of stillness that expresses as Love – and letting it inform you. Therefore, you will be invited to descend from your head down into your inner body space, and then, to rest in your heart and sense from there, rather than remain up in your head, with its usual outward-going attention, above and separate from your body.

Your practitioner may teach you whole body breathing, how to abide in your midline (which is in the core of your body), or how to access your midline and stillness as an ongoing practice.

What to Expect During a Session

During the session, while resting inside your heart of Stillness, you may encounter memories, emotional issues, thoughts, feelings, and spiritual insights. When they arise, understand that these are the exact aspects of yourself that your higher consciousness has chosen to bring to your awareness. Therefore, by remaining neutrally present to sense these aspects, the separated parts will rejoin to wholeness. See if you can allow whatever arises just to be here as it is. If, however, something feels too intense, let your practitioner know, so they can modulate the hand contact to help you be with the felt-sense of any aspect of yourself in a relaxed and gentle manner.

What to Do After a Session

After the session, take an unhurried walk before going back to your normal routine. Over the next week, see if you can remain mindful of the felt-sense of the session – the sensual quality of the atmosphere inside your body – you can recall it by feelingly remembering the feeling-tone that you sensed at the end of the session, which your practitioner will point out to you. You might try to imagine yourself on the table at the end of the session to help bring up the felt-sense memory again.

To maintain your felt-sense contact with the unfolding of your bodily expression into the enfoldments of Self, you may continue the practices you were given (whole body breathing, resting in the heart, midline practice, or giving yourself a stillness session).
These sessions are about reorienting your awareness toward the health within you, and remaining in a direct felt-sense contact with its expressions of wholeness in your body.

The Physiological Benefits of Biodynamic Cranial Touch

Restoration of dynamic balance of healthy function that is the platform from which you can abide in Source.  Appropriately respond with vitality to immune challenges and stressful experiences; and to reconnect to the powers that evolve your consciousness.

The Stages of Biodynamic Cranial Touch Sessions

Stage 1
In 3 sessions you can expect to access your “natural state,” which begins when the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are in balance. And, as it deepens, the craniosacral system becomes available to the effects of the healthy motion of “Primary Respiration.”

Stage 2
Beyond the natural state, in 4 to 6 sessions, your body, and its self-regulating system, acclimates to and settles into a direct bodily connection with “Primary Respiration,” which is the organizing healthy pulsatory pattern of the craniosacral system. Primary Respiration reorganizes the stuck patterns that have inhibited your health and healing resources and restores them to health and whole-making.

Accessing Primary Respiration creates whole body readjustments in your body with repercussions into all levels of metabolism, function, and nourishment, as it distributes harmonious information that break up patterns of fixation throughout the musculoskeletal, immune, and neurological systems, affecting the cellular level of metabolism and growth.

How many sessions will I need?

An uninjured person with average stress problems will reach high functioning in 4 to 6 sessions. Maintenance depends on the individual and his/her lifestyle.

A stressed person can expect to need 6 plus sessions. And, in the case of stress and moderate to severe trauma, on-going work to support your system will be required until it stabilizes.

Why Biodynamic Cranial Touch instead of Craniosacral Therapy?

One difference between Biodynamic Cranial Touch and Craniosacral Therapy is in the goal. Generally, the end goal of Craniosacral Therapy is health related. That is to restore balance between the sympathetic fight/flight side of the nervous system and the parasympathetic nurturing side. It is your ability to access the nurturing side of the system that enables you to heal and repair tissue, build immunity, and restore healthy function throughout your body. That is the end function of craniosacral therapy. However, it is the beginning of Biodynamic Cranial Touch, which includes building your health, yet it also revolves around the evolution of your consciousness. When autonomic nervous system balance becomes stable, it is called your natural state.

Modified from…

  • STILLNESS: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness by Charles Ridley, North Atlantic Books: 2006

Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioners

Mimi Tagher, LAc, LMT
Mimi Tagher is Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Oriental Medicine. She received her Masters Degree from The International Institute of Chinese Medicine. Mimi is also a Biodynamic Craniosacral teacher and practitioner, and a licensed massage therapist. Her specialty is combining acupuncture with craniosacral therapy to help balance the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. >> Learn More
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