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Having good relationships with others is proven to have health benefits. There are many songs about love, people love to love, and people love to be loved. Love is a natural emotion that can actually improve your health and here are 8 of them…

Lower Blood Pressure

Research shows that married couples had the best blood pressure. Singles had the second best, and those in unhealthy relationships had the highest blood pressure rates.

Less Anxiety

A stable, loving relationship helps to decrease anxiety. Researchers used MRI scans to study those in long term loving relationships. The study concluded that the brain showed activation in areas that associates with bonding and less activation in the area that produces anxiety.

Less Depression

Married couples are proven to be less depressed. Having a companion to talk to and show empathy allows couples to feel less isolated. It is proven that social isolation increases depression.

Less Risk of Substance Abuse

Research states that married couples are less likely to participate in heavy drinking or drug abuse.

Pain Control

Having a healthy, loving relationship triggers a part of the brain that keeps pain under control. Those in relationships complained less of headaches or back pain.

Cope with Stress

Studies show that talking with someone when you are upset and feeling stressed helps you to develop a better ability to cope with the stress.

Healing Power

A study was done at Ohio State University. Where married couples who were in healthy relationships and those who were not. They were given wounds to see which would heal quicker. The study showed that the couples in a loving healthy relationship healed much quicker than those who were not.

Fewer Colds

Loving relationships may give the immune system a boost. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that people who exhibit positive emotions are less likely to get sick after being exposed to cold or flu virus.

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