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Excerpt From… Rage rooms, ax throwing and meditation: Stressful times demand new ways to blow off a little steam by Nancy Daly of NKY Thrives

Corporations have taken to off-site locations to give employees a place to shed their work personas, learn new things about their co-workers and challenge themselves at what’s known as “team-building” activities.

Mary Ellen Moore, owner of Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, helps groups of employees explore mindfulness, which can be a stress reduction technique, or provide activities to get in touch with workers’ creativity.

Moore recently taught a group of educators the basic techniques of mindfulness and meditation.

“They are then taking that back to their students and helping their students, in the classroom and out of the classroom, to be more self-aware so that they can manage themselves in these stressful times,” Moore says.

As the pandemic is nearly two years old, “obviously the whole world has gone into a state of fear,” Moore says. The mind can handle only so many challenges at once, and then it goes into overload. “We’ve all had to learn a whole new balancing system and whole new sorting of priorities on a subconscious level.”

Moore’s observations line up with the Household Pulse Survey on mental health conducted by the U.S. Government throughout the pandemic. As a baseline, the incidence of anxiety disorder averaged about 8% in 2019. It rose to over 30% early in the pandemic and is still in the middle to high 20s. Kentucky in September had 26% who identify with anxiety disorder.

Not far away in Florence is a more physical way to blow off steam and build camaraderie among coworkers.

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