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November is Gratitude and Thankfulness Month. With the proper techniques you can learn the simple ways to be IN a State of Gratitude and Thanks! Gratitude and mindfulness are states of being. We can reach those states with the simplest of practices and techniques. There’s no better time than now to decide to shift your focus to gratitude, happiness, and being thankful… no matter who or what is going on around you. You’ll enjoy yourself and those around you. Your friends and family will notice a positive difference in you. Whether you’re new to mindful techniques or steeped in tradition you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective a few simple practices can be.

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About Synergy Holistic Health Center

SYNERGY Holistic Health Center supports you in your journey towards health, happiness, and wholeness, and to provide a safe space for that transformation to unfold. Our commitment is to honor you and your choices, and to provide guidance, education, and skills to support your goals so that you can experience your optimum health and highest personal potential.
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