Inner peace is closely related to happiness. In this post, we explain the concept of peace, its relationship to happiness and strategies to engage in which may result in an increase on your inner peace and happiness.


Do you want to live a life filled with happiness and inner peace? I am sure you do. You might think it is tough and impossible, and that a life of happiness and peace requires particular circumstances. This is not so. There is no right time. Every day is the right time.To bring happiness and peace into your life you need to act, not just dream about them. You will also need to make some inner changes and remove negative influences from your life. Peace is a word that has multiple meanings…

  • Global Peace – Harmonious relationship between societies, peace treaties between countries
  • Personal Peace – Interpersonal peace and inner peace are examples of micro-context usage. In this article , we focus on the micro context of peace. Inner peace in Particular.

In general, peace of mind or inner peace refers to a deliberate state of either psychological or perpetual calmness despite the presence of stressors. It is a state of mind . For the sake of clarity with regard to this article, we prescribe to the inner peace definition proposed by Ward ( 2010) Barua ( 2014) and Gogave, Poghosyan and Aslannov(2018), which has also been employed in several works. Most have received The Peacemaker Award at the annual Peace House awards Dinner. Ward & his wife were ordained by peace activist and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and worked with him for 20 years. Quotes from these visionaries:

  • “Inner peace refers to a state of being mentally and spirituall at peace , with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of stress ” Barua 2014
  • “Inner Peace is a state of calm, serenity and tranquility of mind that arise due to having no sufferings or mental disturbances such as worry, anxiety, greed, desire, hatred, ill will, delusion and or other defilement.” Govava 2018
  • “Inner peace refers to emotional self regulation and the ability to achieve a sate of dynamic emotion equilibrium and competence” Ward 2010


Happiness like peace is complex and subjective. In fact some scholars have even questioned the usefulness of happiness definitions, equating it as a quality concept (the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena.) for the sake of this article we prescribe to the most popular definition that has been used by researcher from various fields. “As most people now live in multi-cultural societies, a deeper understanding of cultural notions of happiness and well-being will be valuable to promote harmonious existence and well-being for all diverse groups within the same country.” Della Fave 2016 happiness is typically associated with the concepts of life satisfaction and subjective well being, which are a total score of cognitive and effective components of one’s mental state. peace and happiness are associated concepts. Peaceful countries report a higher level of happiness. some commonalities between the two include:

  • Peace and happiness concepts are related to positive psychology, which includes peace psychology as well
  • Peace and happiness are described as positive human experience
  • Peace is associated with terms such as serenity, harmony, happiness and well-being.

Peace vs. Happiness: Is One More Important

Does peace lead to happiness? or does happiness lead to peace? The simple question is more complicated that we may think. Scholars are not sure. In other words the causality is not clear. The way to describe their relationship is theirs is a symbiotic relationship between the two concepts. Therefore experiencing positive emotions can led to one’s inner peace as well as happiness. It is likely that these two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

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