You Are What You Think!

In order to alter behaviors, it helps to understand what makes you act the way you do. It’s the internal thoughts in your head that convince you to take your next action; not the food, or drug, cigarette, or item that’s external to you. (More on the specifics of brain chemicals and choices in the next newsletter and How The Brain Works blog.)

Many believe they are stuck in unhealthy or negative cycles forever. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Your thought patterns aren’t hard wired. Your brain has the ability to adapt and change; it’s called neuroplasticity. Learning how your mind works will give you the power and ability to use your brain to control your brain.

Think of the brain as a superhighway with neurotransmitters racing up and down lanes carrying information to different parts of the mind and body. The more the same message travels along a path, the more permanent that pathway becomes. And the brain loves the most used route. For many, if not most people, genetics and these strong neural pathways are the reasons why their brains are keeping them choosing a familiar unhealthy choice rather than a healthy one another part of them wants. A pattern for the undesired choice has literally been formed in the brain.

The good news is…the brain can learn new patterns. There are simple processes that can introduce a desired change or new pattern to the brain, giving the brain the experience of the choice you’ve been longing for or trying so hard to switch to. You can even learn how to teach the brain when it wants to go to the old choice, choose this new one instead. There is a simple exercise for redirecting the brain out of a craving; into a alternative pleasurable healthy experience. Once the brain has experienced the new neural pathway it is simply a matter of practicing the new way of thinking.

Keep checking our newsletters and blogs for more information on neuroplasticity, how your brain works, and making the changes you want.  Schedule an NLP or Hypnosis session to experience using your own brain to create the changes you want.