A detox program provides key nutrients and phytonutrients that unlock, neutralize and eliminate toxins. Metabolic detoxification is your body’s natural process of removing and eliminating toxins from your cells. Every day, people come in contact with external toxins such as industrial chemicals, artificial ingredients, pesticides, and herbicides through normal activities – breathing, eating, drinking, and using household products. Exposure to toxins can lead to fatigue, indigestion, weight gain, reduced mental clarity, low libido, skin issues, and joint discomfort. The phases of metabolic detoxification are performed by three sets of enzymes or proteins, called the Phase I (functionalization) enzymes, Phase II (conjugation) enzymes, and the Phase III (elimination) proteins.

Phase 1 – Unlocking Toxins

Phase 1 is all about the oxidation of harmful toxins in order to break them down into less harmful metabolites. This is necessary, and it does result in free radicals which can do lots of harm (even to your DNA) if you don’t keep them moving through your detox pathways and OUT of your body! Think of Phase 1 as the unlocking phase where your body unlocks fat soluble toxins.

Phase 2 – Neutralizing Toxins

Phase 2 is all about conjugation, which uses 6 different pathways to take water soluble Phase 1 metabolites OUT of your body through your bile, urine, and stool. Think of phase 2 as the neutralizing phase. The toxin substances produced in Phase 1 become even more water soluble .

Phase 3 – Eliminating Toxins

This is about transportation. It mainly refers to the transport of Phase 2 conjugates either to your kidneys for further filtration and then out of your body via your bladder and urine -OR- out with your bile into your small intestine, and down through your GI tract for elimination via stool. Think about Phase 3 as the elimination phase. Water soluble toxins leave cells and the body eliminates them.

Lifestyle Factors

  • Wind down during your detox. You don’t want to detox while jacking up your stress hormones. Add restorative yoga, meditation, journaling, or infrared sauna time.
  • It’s also important to sleep well and enough. Eight hours per night is a minimum. Nine or ten is ideal. Give your body time to rest, clean and repair.
  • Move, move, move! Any movement is great, and sweating has an added bonus, as 1% of sweat is composed of toxic waste.
  • There are detox shakes that are available, while they are not a meal replacement shake, they can replace some food intake. You will need to eat nutritious food and to stay hydrated while on a detox program. The shake and the nutritious food may boost your body’s energy level.

Ways Synergy Holistic Health Center Can Help You To De-Stress and Get More Sleep

  • Whole Food Nutrition – Nutrition Response Testing is a great way to learn what supplements your body needs and what your nutritional priorities are for health and healing.

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